Health Pack For Epidermolysis Bullosa

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Epidermolysis Bullosa relates to skin blisters that usually occur in the lining of intestines or mouth due to heat, minor injuries, scratching, rubbing, friction or adhesive tape. It may be because of hereditary disorders too that erupt in the early ages.

Causes of Epidermolysis Bullosa
Generally, this ailment is caused due to genetic problems. Other causes include friction, heat, scratching, rubbing, minor injuries and adhesive tape etc that result in blisters of the skin.

Why does one get Epidermolysis Bullosa
People with family history of Epidermolysis Bullosa are prone to this disease that occurs because of other adverse aspects too.

Who gets frequent Epidermolysis Bullosa
Anyone suffering from heat, rubbing, friction, mild injury, adhesive tape or genetic problems is exposed to this disease that leads to skin blisters.

Where does one get Epidermolysis Bullosa
This ailment results in blisters on the skin.

Symptoms of Epidermolysis Bullosa
i. Thickening of skin on the soles of the feet and palms
ii. Blisters filled with fluid on the feet and hands. It happens due to friction.
iii. Deformed toenails and fingernails or their loss.
iv. Upper airway, esophagus and vocal cords affected with internal blistering.
v. Loss of hair, blistering and scarring of scalp.
vi. Small white skin bumps or pimples
vii. Tooth decay
viii. Difficulty in swallowing.
ix. Breathing problems
x. Red, warm, painful or swollen skin.
xi. Foul odor or pus from sores.
xii. Fever and chills.

Treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa
Oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and other suitable medicines suggested by the physicians may be taken by the patients that may opt surgery if required. Rehabilitation therapy may also work well for this disease. Likewise, protein-replacement therapy, gene therapy cell-based therapy or bone marrow transplantation may also be tried.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Epidermolysis Bullosa
Ayurveda is much effective in providing suitable medicines for various diseases including Epidermolysis Bullosa. Based on the basic ayurvedic principles, the medicines under this method of treatment are prepared with original herbal ingredients. No harmful components are included in such medications that do not put the users to any risk. Complete treatment of skin blisters is possible by taking the ayurvedic medicines in regular manners. Large numbers of people have started switching over to the ayurvedic treatments that are focused on their well being. These medications not only cure but also help to prevent the basic causes that are behind the physical problems.

Nidanam Health Pack
This amazing health pack is facilitated to the patients that suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa and other different physical disorders. Regular use of this wonderful medicine provides total relief to the sufferers that must take it in even manners. It is based on the ayurvedic principles and is prepared with pure ingredients that are free from any toxic elements. No side effects have been reported with its use and the patients are treated to their entire satisfaction. They are advised to adopt hygienic living habits and simple exercises. Staying away from alcohol & tobacco and rich diets are also helpful.


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