Health Pack For Enteric fever (Typhoid)

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Enteric fever (typhoid) is the one that is associated with Salmonella typhi bacteria that is responsible for this disease. It can affect due to Salmonella paratyphi, another related bacterium that may result in mild fever. These bacteria affect the patients through water or food and attack different people in the vicinity.

Causes of Enteric fever (Typhoid)
Presence of bacteria in food, water or other eatables is responsible for this problem that is caused due to contamination. Contaminated water, food or other things are behind this disease that is caused by Salmonellae typhi bacteria.

Why does one get Enteric fever (Typhoid)
Salmonellae typhi bacteria are the reason behind this disease that affects the human beings because of contamination of water, food and other eatables. This bacterium gets transferred to others through food or water. Leakage of sewage water into the drinking water also causes this problem. Lack of hand washing techniques is also responsible for it.

Who gets frequent Enteric fever (Typhoid)
Anybody affected with Salmonellae typhi bacteria through contaminated food or water can fall victim to Enteric fever (Typhoid).

Where does one get Enteric fever (Typhoid)
Its effects can be on the whole physique.

Symptoms of Enteric fever (Typhoid)
Persons suffering from this ailment often complain of headaches, reduced appetite, usual pains and aches, high fever, diarrhea and lethargy etc. Abdominal pain, chest congestion and discomfort are also its signs. This fever often gets repeated. Known as Step Ladder Fever; this ailment results in fluctuations in terms of its degree.

Treatment of Enteric fever (Typhoid)
Salmonellae typhi bacteria can be killed with antibiotics. Supportive care is also a must for the patients that suffer from this disease. Using chloramphenicol is also good. Removal of gall bladder is the last option. Doctor’s advice is a must for taking any medicines as few of the traditional ones may result in adverse effects.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Enteric fever (Typhoid)
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is aimed to provide complete relief to the patients after assessing the root causes of this problem. Use of herbal ingredients is made for preparing the suitable medicines that are suggested after testing the blood and stool of the patients. Presence of bacterium is checked with these tests that help to prescribe apt medicines that do not put any side effects upon the patients. Ayurvedic principles are followed to prepare these medicines that are much beneficial.

Nidanam Health Pack
This unique health pack is prepared with the sole aim to provide total relief to the patients that suffer from Enteric fever (Typhoid). Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this amazing medicine is prepared with the pure herbal ingredients that are free from any toxic components. The users are not affected in any adverse ways by using it in even manners. Wonderful results have been reported by thousands of patients that have been treated fully with its use. Nidanam Health Pack is prepared under the guidance and strict checks by the professional doctors who ensure that this medicine is free from any side effects. Easily available, this amazing treatment costs too less as compared to traditional medicines.


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