Health Pack For Eczema

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Eczema, i.e. Atopic dermatitis may be referred to as the particular condition that results in itching and redness of the skin. Usually it affects at young age but may develop at any stage. Hay fever and asthma may also affect due to this chronic ailment often flares up and subsides.

Causes of Eczema
a. Dryness and irritation of the skin are the major causes for Eczema.
b. Genetic disorders may also be responsible for this problem.
c. Disordered immune system.
d. Environmental factors
e. Blockage of sweat glands due to bacteria on the skin.

Why does one get Eczema
Hereditary problems often lead to this ailment that occurs due to dry and irritated skin. Immune system affected with any problem may also be the cause of Eczema that can occur due to environmental factors too. Bacterial effects upon the skin may also lead to this ailment.

Who gets frequent Eczema
Anybody can be affected with the ill effects of this disease that results in itching and reddened skin. Inflammation is also responsible for Eczema.

Where does one get Eczema
It can affect any part of the skin. It appears on feet, hands, wrists, ankles, upper chest, neck, knees, eyelids, scalp or face.

Symptoms of Eczema
Persons suffering from Eczema are seen with itching that usually becomes intolerable at night. Red brownish patches on any part of the skin are its major symptoms. Raised bumps small in size often leak when they are scratched. Skin becomes dry, cracked, thick and scaly. Swelling, redness and sensitivity of the skin are also its symptoms. Allergy is also associated with this disease.

Treatment of Eczema
Appropriate creams and other medicines are useful for getting rid of itching and inflammation. Anti-itch drugs also provide sufficient relief for this problem that is harmful. Inflamed skin can be repaired with oral or injected drugs. One should consult the physician before opting for any treatment as few of the traditional medicines may put adverse effects.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Eczema
One can get rid of this disease by using the ayurvedic medicines that are prepared by mixing organic ingredients that do not contain any harmful elements. Ayurvedic principles are followed to make these medications that do not harm in any adverse manners. Patients are advised to avoid harsh soaps and moisturize their skin.

Nidanam Health Pack
This amazing health pack is meant for the benefit of the patients that suffer from Eczema and various other problems. It contains the pure herbal ingredients that are free from any harmful components. The users of this medicine are at no risk and get excellent results. Large numbers of patients have been treated fully with Nidanam Health Pack that is prepared by following the Ayurvedic Principles in strict manners. Expert medical professionals supervise the preparation process to maintain the quality of this pack that acts as a tonic for the skin. Patients are advised to make use of wet dressings, take bleach baths, apply calamine lotion, avoid scratching, use humidifiers and wear cotton clothes and socks.


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