Health Pack For Dyslexia

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Known as specific reading disability; Dyslexia may be termed as the usual incapability of the children in learning. It is a disorder related to difficult reading because of problems related to speech sounds and words & letters. It must be cared for and treated in time to avoid complications like social problems, anxiety, behavioral problems, aggression, and withdrawal apart from troubled learning.

Causes of Dyslexia
Inherited disorders may be responsible for Dyslexia that has been linked to genes which control the development of brain. Hereditary problems may affect the brain and its parts that are linked with language that is associated with one’s ability to convert the written words and letters into speech. Family history of dyslexia and individual differences in the brain and its parts that are responsible for reading may be behind this problem.

Why does one get Dyslexia
Many persons suffer some hereditary problems that are related to difficult reading. They can fall victim to this disease that affects their reading and learning skills.

Who gets frequent Dyslexia
Anyone regardless of his sex may be affected with Dyslexia. Children in their lower ages are affected more with it and the problem may continue in the later ages if not checked in the beginning itself.

Where does one get Dyslexia
The ill effects of this disease can be observed upon one’s mind and memory.

Symptoms of Dyslexia
a. Talking late
b. Slow speed in learning new words
c. Difficulty to learn nursery rhymes and playing rhyming games.
d. Reading below the requisite level in terms of child’s age
e. Problematic processing and understanding in terms of hearing
f. Difficulty to understand rapid instructions
g. Problematic remembrance
h. Difficulty in pronouncing unfamiliar words, uttering spellings and learning foreign languages

Treatment of Dyslexia
This problem can be dealt with by following some tutorial and specialized educational sessions. Emotional support can also work wonders for the youngsters that can get rid of this underlying abnormality. Early detection of this major problem can make effective changes in the children that may be able to manage their reading and learning styles in positive manners.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Dyslexia
Ayurvedic System of Medicine considers this problem with positive approach. It is aimed at the well being of the children that find difficulties in reading and the related problems. Parents are advised to recognize and address the problem in the initial stages. They should read aloud to their children right from the ages of six months. Parents’ meetings with the teachers are also useful. The children must be encouraged to read print materials by setting examples.

Nidanam Health Pack
Based on the Ayurvedic Principles, this unique health pack is meant for improving the reading and learning capabilities of the children. Special educational techniques and approaches are suggested for the children to empower them with improved vision and reading capabilities. Hiring the services of reading specialists are also useful for the children that suffer from Dyslexia. Individual educational plans, supportive attitude, talking to the children and joining support groups also work wonders.


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