Health Pack For Dry Eye

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People travelling in aero planes, working in AC rooms / on computers, riding bikes and engaged in such activities often suffer from dryness of eyes. The problem exists because of insufficient moisture production by inadequate or poor tears. Suitable eye drops, other medicines and life style changes may give sufficient relief from this disease.

Causes of Dry Eye
Tears comprise of fatty oils, water and mucus that smoothens and cleanses the eye surface apart from saving them from infection. Inadequacy of tears and their poor quality are behind this problem that creates hurdles in lubricating the eyes. Environmental factors and eyelid problems are also responsible for it. Certain medications including drugs for high BP, decongestants, antihistamines, antidepressants and other such treatments may also result in dry eyes. Dry air, wind, working on computers and driving or reading is also responsible for dry eyes.

Why does one get Dry Eye
Prolonged use of eyes for computer related work, reading, dry air, driving, insufficient quantity and poor quality of tears, eyelid problems and environmental factors may lead to dryness of the eyes.

Who gets frequent Dry Eye
Anyone suffering from poor quality and less quantity of tears may fall victim to this disease regardless of his or age or sex.

Where does one get Dry Eye
The effects of dry eyes can be seen in the eyes itself.

Symptoms of Dry Eye
a. Tired eyes
b. Stringy mucus
c. Burning and scratchy eyes
d. Irritation due to wind or smoke
e. Red eyes with sensitivity to light
f. Feeling of something in the eyes
g. Problem to wear contact lenses
h. Excessive tearing
i. Unclear vision

Treatment of Dry Eye
Use of antibiotics in the form of ointment, eye drops or pills, inflammation controlling treatments and other such remedies that work like artificial tears are good for lubricating the dry eyes in positive manners. The eye specialists must be consulted for this problem.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Dry Eye
Ayurveda presents effective treatments in the form of suitable medicines. Ayurvedic principles are followed in strict manners for preparation of such medicines that are free of any harmful elements. The patients do not suffer from any adverse effects due to these medicines that are prepared with herbal ingredients.

Nidanam Health Pack
Prepared by following the principles of Ayurveda in strict manners, this wonderful herbal pack provides quick relief for dryness of the eyes. The organic ingredients used for making this medicine work wonders for the patients that are benefited in many ways. It acts like a strong tonic for the eyes that remain protected from dryness.

Nidanam Health Pack has proved its worth by treating large numbers of patients that have been suffering from dryness of the eyes. It is prepared under the supervision of qualified and experienced medical experts that ensure its quality in all respects. Patients are advised to stay away from dust, smoke, use of computer for prolonged hours and avoid smoking.


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