Health Pack For Depression

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Depression relates to the particular condition wherein one feels dejected and likes to live alone. Feelings of sadness engulf the depressed persons that are filled with hopelessness and loss of interest in their lives. They do not like to talk to anyone and love darkness.

Causes of Depression

Following reasons are responsible for depression –

a. Hormone changes – Menopause, thyroid problems and other related problems often lead to depression.

b. Biological aspects – Certain changes in the biological features are also responsible for depression.

c. Brain chemistry – Imbalanced brain chemicals also cause depression.

d. Genetic disorders – Inherited problems may also result in this horrible disease.

e. Adverse events – Financial crisis, family or job related issues, sudden death of any near & dear one, unsuccessful affairs and other major problems may also trigger depression.

Why does one get Depression
Certain adverse aspects, hereditary problems, biological factors and changes in one’s hormones are often behind this disease.

Who gets frequent Depression
Anyone regardless of his age or sex can fall victim to this condition.

Where does one get Depression
Effects of depression can be observed on the whole body. Anyone suffering from depression feels sick, physically and mentally too.

Symptoms of Depression
a. Sadness, worthlessness and hopelessness.
b. Indecisiveness
c. Oversleeping
d. Loss of interest in daily activities
e. Loss of sexual activities
f. Loss of memory
g. Tiredness
h. Slow movements
i. Suicidal thoughts
j. Strong anger and unhappiness
k. Loss of appetite
l. Backaches and headaches

Treatment of Depression
Depression can be controlled with suitable medicines that must be taken under the guidance of qualified physicians. One should be careful about such treatments as few of the traditional medications may result in adverse effects.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Depression
Ayurvedic System of Medicine treats the depressed people with a positive approach by finding out the root causes. Suitable medicines are suggested to provide complete relief to the patients who are benefited with the herbal medicines that do not put any adverse effects. Principles of Ayurveda are followed in strict manners for preparation of the ayurvedic medicines that are free from any harmful elements in them.

Nidanam Health Pack
This wonderful health pack works wonders for the depressed people. Based on the ayurvedic principles, this herbal medicine is prepared by mixing the pure ingredients in apt proportions. No damaging component is added to this unique pack that does not affect in any adverse manners. Thousands of depressed persons have been treated successfully with this medicine that focuses on their well being. It helps to strengthen the brain that starts functioning in positive manners if the patient takes this medicine in even manners. Immune system also gets energized with this amazing medicine that fills the patients with energy and fresh ideas. It enables the sufferers to enjoy stress-free life. Patients suffering from depression are advised to take healthy diets, sufficient water and adopt exercises & yoga asana. They should refrain from smoking and drinks. Complete rest is a must for the people that are affected with depression.


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