Health Pack For Dandruff

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Known as seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis; Dandruff is the harmful skin condition related to any hair-bearing area. People suffering from this disease experience it on their eyebrows, ears, scalp, nose sides, central chest and beard etc.

Causes of Dandruff
Dandruff is caused due to dryness of the skin, irritation, oily skin, yeast-like fungus, not using shampoos or sensitivity to hair care products. Flaking of the skin on the scalp is also responsible for Dandruff.

Why does one get Dandruff
Dry and oily skin, sensitivity to any hair product, fungus, irritation and flaking of the skin on one’s scalp can cause this disease. Persons not using shampoos may also fall victim to Dandruff.

Who gets frequent Dandruff
Anybody regardless of his age or sex may develop Dandruff. Infants suffering from this disease are said to have Cradle Cap while the teenagers are known to suffer from Druff.

Where does one get Dandruff
Any hair-bearing area of the body can be affected with Dandruff that is usually seen on the ears, eyebrows, nose sides, scalp, beard and central part of the chest.

Symptoms of Dandruff
Itchy and scaly scalp, white oily looking dead skin flakes and dried skin are the major symptoms of Dandruff that gets worsened during winter seasons. Cradle cap is quite common amongst infants. Dandruff results in reddened inflamed skin, white flakes on the shoulders, burning, itching and continued scratching etc.

Treatment of Dandruff
There are many medicines that may be utilized by the patients to stay away from this problem. They should shampoo their hair with quality hair care products that do not result in any adverse effects upon the scalp or hair. Daily cleansing is a must to get rid of oiliness and other ill effects or dandruff. Doctor’s advice may be taken.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Dandruff
Ayurvedic System of Medicine recommends use of herbal medicines and various other steps to say NO to Dandruff and its bad effects upon the hair and scalp. Organic ingredients are used to prepare these medicines that provide complete relief from dandruff. Regular use of these treatments works wonders and does not put any adverse impact upon the users. Use of Zinc pyrithione shampoos, tar-based shampoos, salicylic acid, Selenium sulfide shampoos and Ketoconazole shampoos is recommended for the patients that suffer from Dandruff. They are advised to cleanse their hair and scalp with these quality products.

Nidanam Health Pack
This indigenous health pack is one the best remedies to get rid of Dandruff that damages our scalp and hair. Based on the ayurvedic principles, this unique herbal product is capable of providing total solution to this problem that is harmful for the patients. Pure herbal ingredients are mixed in apt manners to provide excellent results to the people without harming them in any manner. Worth of this unique health pack is maintained by exercising strict checks at various levels. It is prepared under the supervision of qualified medical experts who ensure that this pack reaches the users without any defect. Genuinely priced, Nidanam Health Pack is easily available.


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