Health Pack For COPD

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COPD, i.e. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a group of ailments related to human lungs. These diseases create hurdles for flow of air and result in difficulty for the human to breathe in easy manners. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are the two aspects that contribute to this problem that damages the lungs.

Causes of COPD
Tobacco is behind this disease that attacks the women who are exposed to fumes because of fuel that is burnt for cooking and heating. As such people are advised to refrain from smoking and avoid smoke that causes COPD. Genetic problems may also be responsible for this ailment that is caused due to deficiency of alpha-1-antitryspin. Human lungs are prone to COPD because of this shortage that affects the children and infants.

Why does one get COPD
Deficiency of alpha-1-antitryspin and excessive smoking are the reasons that give rise to COPD. Exposure to smoke in our houses or industrial houses is also responsible for this ailment.

Who gets frequent COPD
Anybody regardless of his or her age or sex can fall victim to this disease. People suffering from deficient alpha-1-antitryspin are more exposed to COPD that can occur due to tobacco and smoke.

Where does one get COPD
Effects of this ailment can be observed in the human lungs.

Symptoms of COPD
Persons suffering from COPD are often seen with the following signs –
a. Wheezing
b. Breathlessness
c. Tightened chest
d. Excessive mucus in the lungs
e. Chronic cough
f. Blue lips and fingernail beds
g. Infection in the respiratory system
h. Fatigue and lack of energy
i. Loss of weight

Treatment of COPD
Different types of medications and treatment methods can be fruitful. Bronchodilators including inhalers are helpful to get rid of coughing and breathlessness. Inhaled steroids and oral steroids are also useful for COPD patients. Likewise use of antibiotics, theophylline and other suitable treatments is quite helpful to get sufficient relief. Surgery or lung transplant may also be required in certain cases.

Role of Ayurveda in treating COPD
Ayurvedic System of Medicine also provides suitable medications for getting rid of COPD and its ill effects. Prepared by following the ayurvedic principles, the relevant medicines provide wonderful results for the patients. They are advised to go for oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation program that also help a lot.

Nidanam Health Pack
Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this unique health pack works wonders for the patients that suffer from COPD. Pure herbal ingredients are mixed together in apt proportions to present this extraordinary formulation that has proved its worth by treating thousands of sufferers. It acts like a strong health tonic for our immunity and lungs that are energized and start working in usual manners with its even use. It does not affect in any adverse manners whereas few of the traditional treatments result in side effects. This is one of the best effective medicines for COPD and its ill effects. Patients are advised to exercise restraint from cigarettes and exposure to smoke.


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