Health Pack For Chyluria

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Known as chylous urine too; Chyluria is the condition that refers to existence of chyle, the fatty substance in the urine that turns milky with its contents. The problem may run for many days, weeks or months too. Hindrance of lymph flow results in rupture of lymph vessels into the ureters, urethra, bladder or pelves.

Causes of Chyluria
Annoyance, mental tension, anger and sadness often result in this disease that can trigger with filariasis due to parasite Wuchereria bancrofti too. Thermal ablation of kidney lesion or partial nephrectrmy may also be responsible for this disease that may occur because of trauma, abscesses and tuberculosis also.

Why does one get Chyluria
Tuberculosis, abscess or trauma may cause this disease that can occur because of ablation of kidney lesion. Psychological factors including sadness, anxiety, anger, tension or annoyance may also result in this disease that can attack due to Filariasis too.

Who gets frequent Chyluria
Anybody affected with feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness or annoyance can get this disease that can occur because of trauma or tuberculosis too.

Where does one get Chyluria

Urine is affected with chyle that turns its color as milky.

Symptoms of Chyluria

Urine gets turned milky with the presence of chyle. People affected with this disease lose their weight. Anameia, lymphopenia and hypprotenemia are also its symptoms.

Treatment of Chyluria

Apt medications including diethylcarbamazine are good for this disease that can be got treated with surgery too. Doctor’s advice is a must for taking any medicines as few of the traditional ones may affect in adverse manners. Homeopathic treatment may also prove fruitful for this disease as it can reduce swelling of lymphedematous limb to great extent. Infection can also be got rid of with this method of treatment that provides excellent results for the patients.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Chyluria
Ayurveda also plays major role in treating this disease that is harmful for the humans. Suitable medicines are facilitated to the patients who get permanent relief from Chyluria that may lead to complications if not treated in time. These medications are prepared with original ingredients that are obtained from natural herbs. As such the users are at zero risk.

Nidanam Health Pack
This health pack has been prepared with a focus on the patients that suffer from Chyluria and other diseases. This medicine contains the pure herbal ingredients that do not have any harmful elements. The patients do not get affected with any adverse effects with its use. Nidanam Health Pack works wonders for the patients that make its use in even manners. Large numbers of patients have been cured fully with this health pack that provides effective results. It is prepared under the supervision of qualified medical professionals that exercise extra care to maintain its worth in all respects. Patients are advised to take rich diets and refrain from cigarettes or drinks. This wonderful health pack is based on Ayurvedic principles and costs too less. Then why not take this medicine that is easily available and provides effective results?


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