Health Pack For Chronic Constipation

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Chronic Constipation may be termed as formed or hard stools, small stools or a combination of both. It may be disordered bowel movements that are experienced by the people. Difficulty in passing stools may also be described as Chronic Constipation that is harmful for the patients.

Causes of Chronic Constipation
Disordered bowel functions are responsible for this disease that occurs due to the following reasons –
a. Lack of physical exercises
b. Insufficient intake of water
c. Fiber less diets
d. Bad eating habits, i.e. taking large quantity of food etc
e. Taking stress
f. Suppression of natural urges including bowel movements
g. Excessive use of laxatives
h. Depression
i. Pregnancy
j. Wrong medicines
k. Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis etc
l. Colon cancer
m. Lack of muscle and nerve function in the bowel

Why does one get Chronic Constipation
Taking wrong medicines, inactivity, taking less quantity of water, unhealthy diets, depression, colon cancer, laxatives, stress or pregnancy may be behind this problem that can result in complications.

Who gets frequent Chronic Constipation
Aged people and women are more prone to chronic constipation that affects others too.

Where does one get Chronic Constipation
It affects our stomach as we are unable to pass the stool in easy manners. But its effects can be seen on the whole physique.

Symptoms of Chronic Constipation
Vomiting, painful sensations, swollen abdomen and difficulty in passing stool. Irregular bowel movements are also associated with this disease.

Treatment of Chronic Constipation
The patients get rid of this problem by taking suitable medicines. Physician should be consulted in this regard. One should be careful about selecting the treatments as few of the conventional medicines may result in side effects because of poor ingredients or wrong preparation.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Chronic Constipation
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is preferred by millions of people across the globe that has started using the ayurvedic medicines for treatment of various diseases including this ailment. Herbal ingredients are used to prepare these medications that do not affect in adverse manner. The patients are at no risk and get cured in natural ways. Triphala Churan is recommended for the persons suffering from Chronic Constipation.

Nidanam Health Pack
Anyone affected with Chronic Constipation is advised to take this wonderful medicine that has been prepared by mixing organic ingredients. It is free from any harmful elements and the users are at zero risk to have this medicine that works wonders if taken in even manners. Based on the ayurvedic principles, Nidanam Health Pack has been able to provide complete relief to thousands of patients that have appreciated it. It is one of the best remedial medicine for Chronic Constipation that is got rid of with its regular use. Patients are advised to take sufficient intake of water, rich diets and green vegetables & fruits etc. Tobacco and alcohol must be quit to stay away from this disease. It is easily available and does not cost much in comparison with other traditional medicines in the market.


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