Health Pack For Cheilitis

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Cheilitis relates to inflamed lips that include the perioral skin which surrounds the mouth, labial mucosa and the vermilion border. This disease can affect in strong adverse manners that affect the lips.

Causes of Cheilitis
The major causes of the disease are furnished as under –
a. Exogenous factors that include excessive exposure to sun and dryness.
b. Eczematous cheiltiis that is caused due to dribble of the saliva
c. Deep furrows because of overhanging of upper lip.
d. Dry chapped lips
e. Bacteria propagation, virus and yeasts etc.
f. Unhealthy diets
g. Diabetes
h. Dentures
i. Genetic problems

Why does one get Cheilitis?
Dryness of chapped lips, proneness to sun rays, saliva dribbles, yeasts, virus and bacterial propagation are responsible for this disease that affects the lips. Diabetes, poor nutrition, dentures, hereditary disorders and sensitive skin are also the major causes of this disease.

Who gets frequent Cheilitis?
This disease can affect any person regardless of his or her age and sex. Adults and children with poor health are more prone to this problem. People with excessive use of antibiotic and systematic corticosteroids are also exposed to this disease. Anyone with sensitive skin may also fall victim to Cheilitis that can affect the people with genetic disorders too.

Where does one get Cheilitis?
Vermilion border and the skin are more prone to this disease that is caused due to inflammation and affects the lips.

Symptoms of Cheilitis
People suffering from Cheilitis are often seen with redness, blisters, crusting, erosions, ooze, fissures, painful cracks and bleeding etc. Skin infection is also quite common amongst such patients.

Treatment of Cheilitis
Usually this problem gets settled in automatic manners. However, the following medications and preventive measures may also prove fruitful.
a. Topical antiseptics
b. Frequent application of thick emollient ointment or lip balm.
c. Topical or antistaphlococcal antibiotic
d. Oral and topical antifungal cream and medicines
e. Topical steroid ointment
f. Nutritional supplements
g. Filler implants or injections

Role of Ayurveda in treating Cheilitis
Ayurveda is also quite effective as this method of treatment provides suitable medicines for the patients that suffer from Cheilitis. Focus is emphasized on the root causes of the disease that is got rid of with apt treatments which are based on the ayurvedic principles.

Nidanam Health Pack
This indigenous health pack provides wonderful results to the patients that get rid of Cheilitis and its ill effects. Prepared with the pure herbal ingredients, this amazing medicine works wonders by providing complete and permanent solution for this disease. It is free from any toxic elements and the users are at zero risk. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, the Nidanam Health Pack is the best remedy for treating and moisturizing. Large numbers of patients have used it even manners and have reported excellent results. This health pack is prepared under the guidance of qualified doctors that carry out strict checks at different levels to maintain its excellent quality. Easily available, this unique medicine for Cheilitis costs too less as compared to other medications.


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