Health Pack For Cervical Spondylitis

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Cervical Spondylitis relates to the condition wherein the neck bones and cartilage are attacked with unusual wear and tear. It often leads to acute pain in the neck affecting the fourth to seventh cervical vertebrae.

Causes of Cervical Spondylitis
This disease may be caused due to age-related conditions that often affect the neck and joints. Disordered bones and cartilage are responsible for this disease that may affect the patients regardless of their age or sex. Dryness or shrinkage of the spinal disks may also lead to this dangerous disease that usually occurs due to reduced cushioning between the neck bones. Cracked disks due to age may also result in this problem that may affect due to stiffness. Neck injuries, work related problems, holding the neck in particular positions for longer periods, genetic factors, obesity & smoking may also lead to this disease.

Why does one get Cervical Spondylitis
Decrease in the cushioning between the bones of the neck and shrunk or dry spinal disks often result in this disease that occurs due to age too. Any problem with one’s cartilage and bones is also responsible for Cervical Spondylitis that may occur due to cracked disks too. Any person who holds his or her neck in particular style for prolonged hours is also prone to this problem. It takes place because of obesity, smoking or genetic disorders too.

Who gets frequent Cervical Spondylitis
People of all ages and both sexes are exposed to this disease that usually attacks the ones that cross sixtieth year of their age. Middle-aged people and women may also be affected with this disease.

Where does one get Cervical Spondylitis
This problem shows its effects upon the neck bones and cartilage.

Symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis
People suffering from this problem are seen with weakened fingers, hands and arms that are affected with numbness. Their neck gives painful sensations and they find difficulty in moving it. Area adjoining the shoulder blade experiences pain. Coughing, sneezing, standing or sitting may also be painful for such people. Muscle weakness is quite common. Backside of their head may also suffer severe aches. Control over one’s bowel and bladder is also lost due to Cervical Spondylitis.

Treatment of Cervical Spondylitis
Physical therapy, muscle relaxants and steroid injections may be useful for the patients. Stretching one’s shoulder muscles and neck may be quite helpful to get relief. Use of neck traction also gives effective results. Severe problem can be dealt with surgery too.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Cervical Spondylitis
A positive approach is exercised through Ayurvedic System of Medicine for treating this disease. Exact reasons behind this problem are assessed before suggesting suitable medicines that are prepared from original herbal ingredients. The patients do not get any adverse effects with ayurvedic medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
Fruitful results have been experienced by the patients that have used this wonderful health pack to get rid of Cervical Spondylitis and its ill effects. Prepared with the pure herbal components, this amazing medicine is free from any side effects. It is based on the ayurvedic principles and strict care is exercised for maintaining the unique quality of this medicine. It works wonders if the patients take it regularly.


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