Health Pack For Candidiasis

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Candidiasis known as oidiomycosis, moniliasis or candidosis is termed as a fungal infection. It is an infection of the skin that is related to fungus. It can result in infections including vaginitis, oral thrush and systemic etc. It may become life-threatening too.

Causes of Candidiasis
Germs, i.e. fungi and bacteria may be behind this problem that occurs due to our nails, hair and outer skin layers. Yeast-like and mold-like fungi are also some of the causes of this problem. Vaginal yeast infection is also responsible for Candidiasis that may occur due to weakened immune system. Nail infections may also lead to this problem that may affect the immunocompromised people.

Why does one get Candidiasis
Infection related to the skin layers, hair and nails may affect the people with this disease that usually occurs due to bacteria and fungi etc. Vaginal yeast and nail infections may also result in Candidiasis.

Who gets frequent Candidiasis
Anybody can fall victim to this disease that affects the infants due to diaper rash due to moisture. People suffering from diabetes and obesity are also prone to this major problem.

Where does one get Candidiasis
Any part of the body can be affected with this disease but usually it affects groin and armpits.

Symptoms of Candidiasis

Skin rashes that appear on the genitals, skin folds and middle of the body. Buttocks are also affected with these effects. Infected hair follicles may result in pimples. Intense itching is also the symptom of this disease.

Treatment of Candidiasis
Skin infections can be treated effectively with suitable medications. Other measures to control Candidiasis include total cleanliness and dryness of the skin. Drying powders may be used to control fungal infections. Patients are suggested to lose weight, get rid of excessive blood sugar and make use of antifungal skin ointments and creams etc. They should consult the physicians for selection of any medicine for this disease.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Candidiasis
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is one of the best ways to get rid of this disease. It finds out the major reasons of Candidiasis and suggests suitable herbal medicines for complete relief to the patients. Pure herbal ingredients used to prepare the medicines provide excellent results. No side effects have been reported by any patient who uses such medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
Prepared by following the ayurvedic principles, this wonderful health pack provides sufficient relief from this major disease. It helps to strengthen the immune system and provides energy to the skin that is freed from any type of infection or other damaging effects. It acts like a strong health tonic for our skin that is relieved from any germs and other toxic substances. Thousands of patients have been treated well with Nidanam Health Pack that has proved its worth with excellent results. This unique medicine is genuinely priced and does not affect the users in any adverse manner. Regular use of this amazing medicine is much useful for the patients that get refreshed and energized.


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