Health Pack For Callosities

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Callosities may be termed as callus, the skin piece that becomes thick due to friction and repeated contacts. This disease results in dryness of the skin that becomes flaky. Burning sensations in the affected area and other severe problems may occur due to this problem that must be treated well in time.

Causes of Callosities
Excessive friction or pressure on the skin is the major cause of this disease that occurs due to the following reasons too –
a. Using hard footwear without wearing socks.
b. High heels
c. Bad fitting / uncomfortable shoes
d. Foot disorders
e. Regular writing may lead to callosities in the middle finger known as writer’s bump.
f. Excessive playing of drums, sitar or guitar etc
g. Sucking fingers by the infants
h. Amputation
i. Continuous prayers by kneeling with hands on the forehead
j. Contact with rough surfaces

Why does one get Callosities
Persons wearing ill fitting or hard shoes without socks may fall victim to this problem that occurs due to contact with rough surfaces too. Those involved in regular writing may develop it on the middle fingers. Infants may get this problem due to sucking of fingers. People playing guitar, sitar or drums etc are also prone to this disease that is related with foot disorders.

Who gets frequent Callosities
Persons exposed to excessive friction or pressure on their skin, i.e. cherry pitting, boxing, hair dressers, dancers, carpentry and jewelry making activities are more prone to Callosities. It affects the people that make use of ill fitting or high heeled shoes etc.

Where does one get Callosities
This disease usually affects the feet. Excessive pressure on the skin results in painful sensations.

Symptoms of Callosities
Persons suffering from Callosities are often seen with rough and thickened skin. Fungal infections are also quite common amongst the patients that have to face painful sensations. Existence of keratin plug in the centre of the callus is a sign of this disease.

Treatment of Callosities
There are various medicines and other ways of treating this disease. One should consult his or her physician before taking any medication as few of the traditional medicines often result in adverse effects. Simple exercises and physical activities are also much useful for it. Use of antibiotics and anti-fungal therapy is also good for the patients.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Callosities
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is one of the best treatment methods for getting sufficient relief from Callosities. Basic causes of the problem are assessed before suggesting any suitable medicines that are prepared with original herbal ingredients. The users are at zero risk.

Nidanam Health Pack
Based on the Ayurvedic principles, this unique health pack works wonders for the patients that suffer from Callosities. Prepared by mixing the natural herbal ingredients, this herbal medicine provides effective results. The users do not get affected with any adverse effects with its use. This wonderful medicine is able to moisturize the skin in even manners. It acts like a strong tonic for the human skin and bones. Patients are advised to be cautious about their skin that should not be exposed to excessive pressure or friction.


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