Health Pack For Asthma in Children

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Asthma in Children may be defined as inflammation in their airways (bronchi) that often spreads to the lungs. This is a disorder that tightens the airways that become narrow. It results in blockage of the air flow to the lungs and children find difficulty in breathing.

Causes of Asthma in Children

a. Adverse weathers, i.e. cold air or extreme winter seasons.
b. Allergens including pollen, mold and stray animals etc.
c. Air pollution, smoking or other such factors.
d. Hard exercising
e. Common cold or flu
f. Inflammation in the airways.
g. Excessive mucus
h. Narrowing of the airways

Why does one get Asthma in Children?
This ailment is often caused due to disordered airways that are inflammated or narrowed due to excess of mucus or other such substances. Extreme weathers including cold, smoking or air pollution are also responsible for Asthma in the children. Hard exercising also affects them adversely.

Who gets frequent Asthma in Children?
This major disease affects mostly the children that are exposed to rough weathers or other such reasons. Many children are seen smoking; they are also exposed to such problems. Candidly, nobody is exception to this disease but it can develop amongst many children. Large numbers of kids across the globe suffer from this dangerous ailment.

Where does one get Asthma in Children?
Effects of Asthma in children can be observed in their airways that often get blocked due to pollution or mucus etc. Swelling in the airways is also common. The youngsters find difficulty in breathing. Lungs are also affected due to this disease that is harmful.

Symptoms of Asthma in Children

Children suffering from Asthma are often seen with –
a. Coughing
b. Wheezing
c. Tightness of chest
d. Difficult breathing
e. Difficulty in exercising
f. Fatigue
g. Tightened neck and tired muscles

Treatment of Asthma in Children
Children that suffer from Asthma can be treated well with suitable medicines that must be administered to them under the guidance of the qualified doctors. One should be careful about their selection as most conventional treatments often result in adverse effects.
Role of Ayurveda in treating Asthma in Children
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is the best treatment for different diseases including Asthma in the Children. Root causes of the disease are found out and suitable medicines are suggested by following the ayurvedic principles.

Nidanam Health Pack
This amazing health pack provides proper relief to the children that suffer from asthma or the related problems. It is one of the best remedies to treat the disease in positive manners. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this method of treatment has benefited thousands of children that have been affected with Asthma. Use of organic ingredients is made to prepare the Nidanam Health Pack that does not put any adverse effects upon the children that are administered this wonderful medicine.
Nidanam Health Pack helps to clear the blocked airways and strengthens the lungs to great extent. It is a strong source of energy for the immune system that gets empowered with high resistance to fight asthma in reliable manners. It flushes out the toxic substances from the children’s bodies and provides minerals and iron etc that are a must for them. Parents can easily afford this unique health pack that is genuinely priced.


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