Anxiety disorders Health Treatment (चिंता और घबराहट की बीमारी)

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Physical as well as mental fitness is a must for all. Few people may look sturdy but they may be suffering from some internal problems, e.g. Anxiety that destroys their inner powers. This dangerous disorder leads to complications including suicidal-trends if not cared for in the start.

Causes and Symptoms – Hereditary problems, job related difficulties, family disturbances, financial crisis, court cases, physical problems and other such complications are often responsible for anxiety disorders. Anxious person usually look sad, weak, depressed, disturbed, indecisive and tired. They lose interest in their daily routine and suffer from reduced appetite, sleeplessness and nervousness.

Treatments – Doctors often recommend traditional medicines including some tranquilizers that provide temporary relief. Patients are soothed for some time and find themselves in relaxed conditions with such medications. But few of them may prove harmful due to side effects.

Use of following herbal remedies is recommended as they do not contain any sedatives or harmful elements and the users are at zero risk:

Ashwagandha is one of the best herbal treatments for anxiety and related problems. It helps to boost the nervous system. It acts like a strong tonic for the mind and brain. Toxic substances are removed with its use.

General anxiety disorder can be got rid of with Chamomile that is enriched with calming features. Likewise, use of Green Tea is also much useful as it contains amino acid that helps to fade the symptoms of anxiety. Lavender also gives much relief. Inhaling its oil is too good.

Symptoms of insomnia and anxiety can be managed with Passionflower that gives quick relief from nervousness. Lemon Balm also works wonders for anxiety related problems. Taking cold-water fishes including salmon is also good as they contain Omega-3 fatty acids that provide sufficient relief from anxiety and sadness. Available in the form of capsules or tincture; Velerian is good for sleeplessness and anxiety.

Persons affected with anxiety are suggested to use Divya Medha Vati, Divya Godanti Bhasm, Divya Moti Pisti or Divya Pravala Pisti; the amazing useful products of Divya Pharmacy. Gifted by Baba Ram Dev Ji; these herbal formulations also provide permanent relief.

Following steps are also recommended for anxiety and its ill effects:

Healthy diets including milk, fruit juices, green vegetables and fiber-rich foods are a must to control anxiety disorders. One should stay away from caffeinated beverages. Spicy foods are not good.

Use of alcohol is prohibited. It may give some relaxation but its overall impact is harmful. Smokers should quit this habit as it aggravates the problem rather than giving any relief as the anxious persons think.

Simple exercises, yoga asana and meditation are helpful to give much relaxation from anxiety. Going for long walks in the mornings and evenings helps to refresh the mind and the body. Panchkarma is also much helpful for the anxious persons.

Self-help groups also help the anxious person with valuable suggestions. One feels relaxed by mingling with the people.

The patients suffering from anxiety should take the things in easy manners and avoid taking stress.

Ample rest and sound sleep is a must. Restless persons must adopt good sleeping habits that give sufficient relaxation to the body including one’s mind and brain.


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