Health Pack For Acromegaly

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Acromegaly may be defined as excessive growth of hormones during adulthood. It affects the bones of the feet, hands and faces that start increasing in abnormal sizes. It may lead to complications if not treated in time. Hence the patients should take preventive and remedial steps.

Causes of Acromegaly
The major cause of this disease is overproduction of growth hormone, i.e. GH over time. Physical growth is managed through the pituitary gland that exists behind the nose bridge at the base of the brain. It produces many growth hormones that control physical development.

Why does one get Acromegaly?
Acromegaly usually occurs because of excessive production of GH, i.e. growth hormone that is responsible for our bodily developments.

Who gets frequent Acromegaly?
It can affect anybody. Middle aged adults are more prone to this ailment. Children under growth are also no exception to this problem that may lead to gigantism. Excessive growth of bone and increase in height can be observed in such youngsters.

Where does one get Acromegaly?
Acromegaly affects the hands, face and feet that start growing excessively with the increase in the sizes of the relevant bones.

Symptoms of Acromegaly
People suffering from this disease are often seen with the following symptoms –
a. Impaired vision
b. Enlarged tongue
c. Enlarged hands and feet
d. Excessive sweating and body odor
e. Coarse, oily, thickened skin
f. Small outgrowths of skin tissue (skin tags)
g. Harsh voice.
h. Headaches
i. Fatigue and muscle weakness
j. Coarsened, enlarged facial features
k. Severe snoring.
l. Increased chest size (barrel chest)
m. Menstrual irregularities in women
n. Erectile dysfunction in men
o. Enlarged liver, heart, kidneys, spleen and other organs

Treatment of Acromegaly
Timely treatment of Acromegaly is necessary otherwise it may lead to complications. Premature death is also possible if care is not taken to treat this ailment with proper medications.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Acromegaly
The Ayurvedic system of Medicine provides wonderful medicines for all diseases including Acromegaly that affects the people through excessive growth of hormones. This wonderful treatment method looks into the major causes of the disease and facilitates unique medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack is one of the best remedies to control Acromegaly. It provides wonderful results for the patients that are affected with this terrible ailment. Prepared with the original herbal ingredients, it is free from any harmful elements. Thousands of patients have been benefited greatly with this health pack that provides excellent treatment. It provides natural remedy to the sufferers that intend to get permanent relief from Acromegaly and its ill effects. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this unique pack is meant for providing effective treatment to the users that are zero risk as regards the effects of this wonderful medicinal pack. It must be used in regular manners.

Nidanam Health Pack is the best answer to get rid of this dangerous disease that sometimes leads to sad demise. Best results can be obtained with its even use. Free from any side effects, this unique method of treatment has become popular amongst large numbers of persons.


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