Foreskin Restoration

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It is but obvious that penis is an important part of body of males. One of the most important functions is performed by penis and it is performance of sexual activity which in turn paves the way for the process of reproduction. At the same time, penis also gives an outlet for excretion of wastes via urine from the body. Due to circumcision at the time of birth or due to some other reasons, some men suffer from numerous problems relevant to their sexual life. It is because the ridged or corrugated band at the tip of the penis is removed during circumcision. This in turn results in pain and other penile problems. In order to restore back the skin thus removed, the process of foreskin restoration is used.

What is Foreskin Restoration?

Foreskin restoration is in fact the process or method under which the skin at the tip of penis is restored back. Since this skin is present at the tip of the penis and can be moved back for urination or during sexual activity therefore it is called so. Various surgical and non-surgical methods are used for Foreskin restoration.

Why should you go for Foreskin restoration?

  • Well, there are many reasons for the same. Some of the chief reasons to get back the circumcised skin or for foreskin restoration of penis are given below.
  • Foreskin restoration helps in getting rid of keratinisation which is caused due to circumcision of the penis in most men.
  • Foreskin restoration also helps in relieving pain which is caused due to circumcision. It also helps in protecting the soft skin below the foreskin against any injuries or other painful conditions.
  • The numbness in the penis which is caused as a result of removal of ridged band from its top covering is also got ridden of with the help of foreskin restoration. It also helps in improving sensitivity of the penis skin. Men can get aroused to greater extent after foreskin restoration. This in turn enhances the pleasure obtainable from sexual intercourse. Consequently, both the partners get fully satisfied in terms of sexual pleasure.
  • Foreskin restoration also helps in restoring back the natural appearance of the penis. It is because the natural foreskin is restored back which n turn helps in giving a natural look to the penis.
  • Men who undergo foreskin restoration naturally regain a sense of wholeness. It is because they get back the skin lost during circumcision so that the tip of their penis may be covered with this skin.
  • Similarly, foreskin restoration also proves to be beneficial from point of view sexual stimulation. Men get excited appropriately and properly for the sexual activity following foreskin restoration.

Foreskin Restoration methods

There are surgical as well as non-surgical methods for foreskin restoration. The latter type is also referred to as natural foreskin restoration while the former type is also known as foreskin reconstruction. Under the surgical methods, mostly minor surgery is performed for skin restoration. On the other hand, non-surgical methods involve use of exercises or other stretching techniques for the purpose of foreskin restoration.


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