Health Pack For Diabetes Type I

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Also known as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes; Type 1 diabetes relates to the particular condition wherein little or no insulin is produced by the pancreas that allows sugar(glucose) to enter the cells for producing energy.

Causes of Diabetes Type I
Certain viruses like Coxsackie virus & Epstein-Barr virus and hereditary disorders may be behind this disease that affects the children more. But it can be seen in adults too. It is caused due to deficiency of vitamin D too. Water containing nitrates may also be responsible for this problem that can affect the children that are born with jaundice.

Why does one get Diabetes Type I
Inherited problems and existence of certain viruses often result in this problem that is mostly found in the children. People taking less vitamin D are also prone to this problem.

Who gets frequent Diabetes Type I
Children are more prone to this disease. Adults are also no exception to Diabetes Type I. Anyone suffering from deficiency of vitamin D can fall victim to this problem. People that are exposed to Epstein-Barr virus and Coxsackie virus are more prone to this disease that affects the ones who take water that contains nitrates.

Where does one get Diabetes Type I
Its ill effects can be noticed on the entire physique. Cells are the most affected parts of the body.

Symptoms of Diabetes Type I
Patients suffering from this disease are seen urinating after frequent intervals. They feel like drinking water many a times. Children affected with Diabetes Type I suffer from bedwetting. Enhanced appetite is also quite common amongst the patients. They suffer from weight loss too and become irritated. Sudden changes in their mood are also quite common. Females suffering from this fall victim to yeast infection. Blurred vision is also another symptom.

Treatment of Diabetes Type I
People affected with this disease may consult the doctor for suitable medicines that include aspirin, cholesterol-controlling drugs, high blood pressure medications and other treatments. Patients are suggested to take rich diets, insulin, carbohydrates and adopt exercises apart from reducing their excessive weight.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Diabetes Type I
Large numbers of people across the globe have started switching over to Ayurvedic System of Medicine that provides the herbal medicines for treatment of various diseases including this one too. Use of original ingredients is made to prepare such medications that are free from any harmful elements. As such the users are at zero risk.

Nidanam Health Pack
This indigenous health pack has proved its worth by providing apt solutions for different physical problems including Diabetes Type I. Based on the ayurvedic principles; this wonderful medicine is prepared with a focus on the well being of the patients. They get sufficient relief from this disease that is got rid of with regular use of Nidanam Health Pack that is prepared with the pure herbal ingredients. Strict checks are carried out by experts to maintain the worth of this medicine. This wonderful herbal formulation works wonders for the patients that are advised to stay away from tobacco and alcohol. Rich diets, simple exercises and yoga asana are good for them.


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