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Acidity is the particular condition when certain acids responsible for breaking the food start flowing back from the stomach. Known as Heartburn, Acid Brash or Acid Reflux; Acidity results in acidic taste, sore throat, burning sensations, chest pain, indigestion and problem in swallowing anything. This disorder may lead to complications.

Causes & Symptoms – Excessive excretion of hydrochloric acid from the gastric cells, oily eatables, inapt lifestyle, inactivity and over-eating may lead to Acidity. Those suffering from this problem are usually seen with heartburns, pain in stomach & chest, sore eructation, vomiting and nausea etc.

Treatments – Over-the-counter medicines are there that may give relief but few of them are associated with harmful impacts. As such, one should take the advice of the doctor. However, the following home treatments are free from any problems and the patients are at zero risk.

Coconut water is the best remedy for acidity that can be cured with Amalaki Powder too that is enriched with vitamin C. Use of Haritaki or Bhringraja is also much helpful to say NO to gas. A mixture of triphala, snakeguard leaves and guduchi also works wonders.

Licorice, Mint and Amla also provide sufficient relief for acidity that can be treated well with Dhaatri lauha, Narikel Havan, Avipattikar churna, Sukumara Ghrita and Kamadudha Ras etc. Dried ginger is one of the best remedy to get rid of gas. Coriander tea and cumin also provide excellent results.

Mix some ghee into milk and take it regularly to say NO to gas. Acid reflux can be got rid of with Aloe Vera Juice that helps to reduce inflammation. Black molasses and baking soda also help to manage acidity that can be controlled with grape juice, cardamom and chamomile too. Lemon water and ginger juice are also much helpful. Organic milk, mustard, moringa oliefera and raw apple cider vinegar also give sufficient relief from Acid Reflux.

Divya Moti Pisti and Divya Avipattikara Churna; facilitated by Baba Ram Dev Ji through Divya Pharmacy are also quite useful.

Patients are advised to take the following steps too:

Taking fiber-rich diets is good. Cow’s milk, pumpkin, barley and pomegranate etc are quite helpful to control acidity. They are useful for indigestion and gas problems. Foods containing excessive oils or fats should be avoided. They should abstain from red meat and junk foods. One should take the meals in smaller quantities and chew it in proper manners for easy digestion. Food should be taken at least one hour prior to sleeping.

Intake of excessive caffeine, alcohol or use of tobacco is prohibited. These enhance the level of gas in the body.

Physical activities, swimming, yoga asana and other exercises help to remove toxic substances and control acidity.

Intake of sufficient water is a must as it eliminates waste. This is the best remedy and costs nothing.

Proper sleep, enough rest and abstinence from taking tension is good.

The above simple tips can be of great value if one sticks to them on regular basis. One must stay away from acidity that may be hazardous.


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