Leucoderma Care – Get rid of White Patches

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Suggested by the name, Leucoderma is a condition related to the skin under which the skin starts turning white. The medical term used to refer to this condition is Vitiligo. It is chiefly a problem that is related to the skin pigmentation. The normal color of the skin is attained from the pigment known as melanin. When a person suffers from leucoderma there is decrease in the production of melanin from the respective cells. As a result of this, the skin of the patient becomes whiter. There are white patches on the skin that intervene with overall appearance of the affected person. Obviously, there are numbers of treatment options and other medicines in the conventional medicine system. But it is best advised to opt for a safer approach for management of this skin order.


Nidanam health pack for leucoderma has also been presented and made available for the patients keeping in mind the same fact. It contains some herbal remedies that help in retaining normal skin color by reduction in the white patches. It is done by normalizing the production of melanin content in the skin. Some of the most excellent natural remedies that may be used by the patients for management of this skin disorder are as follows.

  • You may consume powdered form of dry pomegranate leaves every morning and evening on regular basis to get rid of the problem of leucoderma. It is known to normalize and balance the melanin content in the body which in turn helps in retaining normal skin colour.
  • Another great remedy that can be used to treat the problem of leucoderma is to use a paste that is prepared by mixing together turmeric and mustard oil. You must apply this paste over the affected skin areas regularly for 15 minutes and then wash off. It offers most excellent and amazing results to the users.
  • The problem of leucoderma can be well-managed with the help of Bakuchi paste that is prepared by mixing vinegar to it. This paste needs to be applied over white patches for most effective results daily till the patches are removed completely and skin retains its normal color.
  • The simplest remedy to get rid of those white patches that interfere with the appearance of the skin is to drink the juice extracted from raw ginger. You may mix water to the juice for easy consumption. Again it aids in quick relief from this problem.
  • Margosa leaves are known to have wonderful effects on the skin. Thus you may use margosa leaves and honey juice together to get rid of the problem of leucoderma. You need to use dry margosa leaves so that the same may be crushed to extract juice from the same. To this juice, you need to add honey and mix the two ingredients thoroughly. Take this decoction regularly to get the desired results.
  • Internally, you may purify your blood by consuming the ghee that has been heated by adding peppers to it. Following heating of the ghee, you may remove the peppers and consume the ghee regularly in any form to say no to the problem of leucoderma.

So we have seen that there are countless remedies that may help you to get rid of those white patches on the skin and have healthy and spotless skin.


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