How to promote good heart health with Ayurvedic medicine?

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We more often come across people who may be suffering from one type of heart diseases or the other. Any type of heart disease whether minor or major may prove to be quite fatal for the sufferer, if ignored. It is because heart is one of the major as well as sensitive systems of the body. Any damage to the heart or its parts may result in serious health issues. But we hardly take notice of all such points and keep on with our routine diet and activities that may be in fact the chief reason for causing the heart disease. Therefore it is vital to pay attention to what we eat as well as to our lifestyle. There may be varying reasons or causative factors for occurrence of different types of heart diseases. The main point lies in controlling the signs and symptoms and ultimately getting rid of the same so as to ensure good health of the heart as well as the body.

Using ayurvedic medicine for heart disease

As per ayurvedic texts, heart diseases were there even in ancient times. Different types of herbs or other natural ingredients were used to cure such conditions. The same herbal formulas may be used in present day arena too to promote good heart health. Here are some effective ayurvedic remedies to treat and prevent heart relevant issues.

People suffering from high blood pressure or arthrosclerosis may incorporate pomegranate fruit in their daily diet as it keeps a check over the blood pressure. It is due to antioxidant properties present in this juicy fruit.

It is advised to consume garlic regularly to normalize and regulate the blood flow via arteries. Even cholesterol level is also lowered down with the regular use of this wonderful herbal ingredient. Consume raw garlic on an empty stomach in the morning to keep your heart working normally.

It is advised to use safflower oil for cooking foods. This wonderful oil is useful in case of high blood cholesterol and other heart issues including cardiac ischaemia, hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Anti-oxidants present in green tea also prove to be quite beneficial for the heart. Replace regular milk tea with green tea to have its health benefits. You can at least take two cups of green tea regularly to promote overall health of the body.

Herb called as camellia sinensis may be used to prepared herbal tea for regular consumption. The potent anti-oxidant properties in this wonderful herb offer complete protection to the heart against any damage or risks.

Additional tips
a. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and excess of lipids from the body.
b. Eat more raw vegetables, fruits and salads to promote good heart health.
c. Abstain from smoking and alcohol.
d. Remain physically active.
e. Go for morning and evening walks as well as other exercises.
f. Avoid junk foods, processed foods, highly fatty, greasy and oily foods.
g. Reduce salt intake in your diet.
h. Proper rest and sleep must be ensured.

You may also enjoy good heart health by taking herbal medicine for heart disease. Opt for healthy diet and lifestyle as it is vital to proper and normal heart functions.



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