Herbal medicine for dysmenorrhea- a safe way to have painless menstrual cycles

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Menstrual cycles are quite important for any women as these are directly linked with the reproductive system. Although most women have normal menstrual cycles however some women suffer from severe pain during menstruation. Mild to moderate pain in the abdomen as well as some other symptoms are normal during menstruation. However extremely severe pain which is accompanied by headaches, nausea, vomiting, lack of physical energy etc. are clear indicatives of the condition of dysmenorrhoea. The chief reason for occurrence of such a condition in women is imbalance of certain hormones or some other health issues that may be related to the sexual or reproductive system. To have pain-free menstrual cycles, women may try herbal medicine for dysmensorrhoea.

Concept behind herbal medicine for dysmenorrhea

The herbal medicine for dysmenorrhoea is chiefly aimed at offering relief from the severe pain concerned with the menstrual cycles. Selected herbs or other naturally occurring ingredients found in the nature are used as per ayurvedic principles. Such medicines are totally safe and hence don’t cause any harm to the sexual or reproductive system of women. At the same time, overall health is promoted using herbal medicines. It is due to deep nourishment offered to all the parts and organs of the women’s body with the use of such herbs or other natural ingredients.

Wonderful herbal medicine for dysmenorrhea

There are various herbs found in the nature that may be used to get relieved of the problem of dysmenorrhea. Here are some of the most important herbs or herbal medicines.

Cramp Bark is an amazing herb found in the nature that exhibits antispasmodic properties. Therefore it may be used in the form of tea or tincture to get rid of the abdominal cramps as well as other symptoms of dysmenorrhoea.

Evening Primrose is another effective herb that is found to be rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It is easily available in the form of capsules or tablets and hence can be used by women to have normal and painless menstrual periods.

Women who complain of dysmenorrhoea are advised to eat soy products including tempeh and tofu. These help in easing the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. At the same time, the symptoms are gradually reduced with the regular use of these products.

Blue Cohosh is a wonderful herb that is being used from times unknown to cure various sexual as well as reproductive problems associated with the women’s body. It is all due to presence of certain properties or compounds in this herb that help in alleviation of pain as well as other discomforts caused due to painful menstruation.

Raspberries are known to act as very good uterine tonic and hence can be consumed by women regularly so as to ease the entire process of menstruation.

Ginger tea or even raw ginger slices may be consumed by women so as to correct the digestive problems created due to dysmenorrhoea. It is also known to have a positive effect on the entire body as well as in relieving pain.

All these herbal remedies for dysmenorrhoea are undoubtedly effective in getting rid of the pain and other symptoms of this health issue. Therefore women suffering from this condition may use these herbal remedies and have normal periods.


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